Large water bodies shall be created as a result of various dams being constructed on the river Narmada & its tributaries. After construction of the dams, the fishing pattern will change from lentic to lotic in the upstream areas. The reservoirs would, therefore, offer tremendous opportunities for fisheries development which would ultimately benefit the fishermen socially and economically in the respective areas. With proper stocking and better management, it is possible to achieve a production of 40-60 Kg. per ha. in a period of 20 years.

The average water area of six projects coming up on Narmada river and its tributaries of the lower Narmada Zone, the production and employment potential (for fishermen) are given in the table below :

SNo. Reservoir Average Productive Area (Ha.) Estimated Rate of Production on full development (Kg./Ha.) Total estimated Annual Production (M. Tones) No. of oustees Fishermen to be employed
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Indira Sagar 59029 40 Kg. 2360 2000
2. Omkareshwar 8330 45 Kg. 375 375
3. Maheshwar 4816 50 Kg. 241 240
4. Man 698 60 Kg. 42 45
5. Jobat 942 60 Kg. 56 60
6. Sardar Sarovar (M.P. Zone) 10000 (MP Zone) 40 Kg. 400 400
  Total 83815   3474 3120

It is contemplated to adopt a two tier cooperative structure with primaries at the base level and Apex/ Federal body at the regional level for the exploitation of fish from the reservoirs. On full development, these projects would not only generate employment opportunities from fish production but employment would also be provided through different allied occupations viz hatchery management, seed production, fish marketing, net making, packing of fish, ice factories, boat operation and also in other ancillary industries like basket making, pattal making, transport of fish etc. Fishermen would be getting better remunerations which will ensure increase in their per capita income.

Pattern of Fisheries Management in the Reservoirs of Narmada Valley :

The fisheries conservation and development activities including marketing of the fish catch will be looked after by M.P. Matsya Mahasangh (Sahkari) Maryadit the Apex body. The primary fishermen cooperative societies of the oustees will be given exclusive fishing rights of the reservoirs.